Between 1 and 5 Trillion Plastic Bags are Used Every Year.

10.30 Billion Tons of Plastic Was Produced in 2023.

The Recycling Rate of Plastics in 2023 is Only 20%.

In 2023, 7.30 Billion Tons Of Plastic Waste Was.

The World Loses An Average of $ 13 Billion Each Year Due To Plastic Waste.

6.50 billion tons of plastic is thrown into the ecosystem every year.

An average of 8 million plastic parts enter our oceans every day.

By 2030, it is estimated that the number of plastic waste will be higher than the number of fish in the sea.

Annually, an average of 1 billion bags are thrown into the garbage.

One of every 3 fish caught for human consumption contains plastic waste.

In our world where natural resources are decreasing day by day, textile manufacturers have responsibilities towards nature, as in all modern industries.

As Tabloteks and Örfem group companies, we aim to provide the best service to our customers with the necessary quality certificates to make all processes of recycling traceable and sustainable.

Our aim is to leave a more livable world to future generations.