• 1,200,000 mt per year transfer printing capacity,
  • 7 sublimation machines,
  • Tabloteks serves with 1 reactive digital machine to customers.
  • Knitting and texture; Viscose, polyester, acrylic, linen and such qualities can be applied to print.
  • Knitting and texture qualities; plain, rotational and digital printing.

In 1988, Örfem started its operations and meets our raw fabric needs with its knitting qualities, and it manufactures in 2000 m2 area with knitting machines.

Örfem makes its own research, development and production of quality-priority fabrics with a capacity of 200 tons per month between 20 and 32 posses.

The company has an average production capacity of 8.5 tons of knitted fabric per day with 23 modern machines.

Our factory, which produces high quality fabric in its vision, meets the raw fabric requirement of many dyehouses.